Decorating Your Windows with the Best Window Blinds

Window blinds are widely used as a kind of window coverings with a wide variety in types of window blinds, shutter and shades and are used for many controlling purposes. At times, it’s for controlling light and sound. There are various shades and designs available in it. It could be of any material like plastic, metal or wood with slats which are either horizontal or vertical and designed according to the client’s needs. It can be opened and closed manually or by a remote control system. House of blinds Inc. in Laguna Hills, CA has everything that will give you the best for your window fashion requirements. Their art of beautiful window covering will provide you with various shades, shutter and blinds to insulate your rooms against cold and heat, protect you against sound, UV rays and controls the passing of light.

There are various types of window blinds offered by them, such as:

Horizontal Blinds:

Horizontal BlindsHorizontal blinds make use of a ladder system which are woven corded and suspends the slats for enabling opening and closing of the window blinds with the help of a rotating drum as it is attached to each end of the ladder. House of blinds Inc. has got a huge collection of horizontal blinds which gives you options of slat sizes, colors and stains enabling you to get exactly what you are looking for.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical BlindsVertical blinds:  are just perfect for the your window expanses and the sliding glass doors. They generally make use of wider slats and there is a cord which can be pulled to either stack all the slats together or get it separated in the center or get them stacked on each end. They have quietly and smoothly moving vertical blinds which are ideal for your house.

Roman blinds:

Roman blindsRoman shades are those kind of window blinds used to keep away from sun rays and they can do well without getting overlapped. They stack up completely and evenly and are often used for covering height of the full window from top to bottom.

Venetian blinds:

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds consist of many horizontal slats which are one above another

and are either made of plastic or 

metal. All the slats can be together rotated through 180 degrees as they are suspended by strips or cords.

Also, there are many shades and shutters available like:


Honeycomb shades are the latest type of shades and characterizea new hardware which is stylized and sophisticated according to the customization you want with a variety of colors and fabric choices. It is really very energy efficient as it has the ability to trap air in its pockets that will help cooling your house in summer and keeping it warm in winter.

Plantation shutter:

These shutters have a really long life and is a combination of wood and some other materials for the creation of a durable and amazing window covering suiting best on any room. It uses a construction which assures maximum durability and strength. It is available with a very large collection of paint finishes.

You can get the best of roller blinds, Roman shades and other various types of window blinds, shutters and shades with the House of Blinds Inc. in the Laguna Hills, CA which provides the best Hunter Douglas custom window blinds.