The GrowBuddy and their mobile application.

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  • 2018-07-11

The GrowBuddy and their mobile application.

Growbuddy is a company located in Aurora, Colorado. It has a helpful tool that was designed specifically to assist marijuana growers to navigate through the cannabis industry. The app aids the growers to stay prepared, produce a greater outcome and be effective. The app looks so simple but powerful in tracking everything one wants to know about their crops from the start to the end as well as anything about how to grow cannabis. Beginning from seed or replica, quite a number of aspects can be listed, including photos, strain data, age and even developmental stage. GrowBuddy has something to offer to at least all groups like the professionals, hobbyists, Hydro and Soil. For all these categories, GrowBuddy can help maximize their returns and reduce their failures tool. The app will enable one to stop the guesswork and begin doing things with a lot of certainties.

One of the important things about the GrowBuddy is that it considers and recognizes the fact that there are various users with different devices. In that case, there are a variety of download options such as the iPad, Windows, Android Tablet and OS X. The GrowBuddy phone being the phone versions for iPhone and the Android Phone was devised particularly for when you are operating in the garden or when maintenance are performed on the tablet or the desktop.

The GrowBuddy and the how to grow marijuana app is geared towards making decisions that will be beneficial to the growers first. Their mission is to link the farming community and support them grow better. GrowBuddy was established for the purpose of managing their own grow found in Colorado, however, it is shared with others who grow cannabis so that they may all greater, smarter and better.

Another significant feature of the app is that you can easily a brand-new crop using any device. Again, apart from the fact that you can simply switch between various gardens, can also give you an overview of the crops where you can check all the crops in the garden in just a single glimpse.

The grower’s marketplace included in the GrowBuddy website is rich of valuable information that is of great help to those who wish to do some study about all the freshest products and discussions for the purpose of adding them to their gardens for proper recording. The marketplace also acts as a platform for growers to identify the new products for easy purchase and shipping. The available items are categorized as staff favorites, most popular items and new items thus you can easily navigate through various items with the shortest time possible.

The marijuana grow journal app that is available for both android, windows, IOS and OS X is meant to assist growers in keeping important information such as nutrient schedules, plant stages and ages, harvest comparisons, social features, feeding history and much more. All that being for the purpose of measuring and repeating successes while evading failures as much as possible.

The case file section of the website is a very novel feature that seeks to provide answers that are specific to grower’s gardens. This is a question and Answer forum for asking questions and obtaining the answers. The greatest answers are voted to the top and you can quickly supplement journal data to the inquiries.