What Window Washing Experts Have in Common

What Window Washing Experts Have in Common

Sonlight Window CleaningDid you know that window washing experts have some characteristics in common? It’s easy to find someone who’s willing to wash your windows, but it can actually be difficult to find a company of window washing experts. When you look for the following characteristics, it can be easier to distinguish the people who know what they’re doing from those who do not. Once you’ve done this, it will be a lot easier to find the right residential or commercial window washers for you.

When you talk to window washing company, start by asking them for recommendations. They should be able to give you the names and numbers of satisfied customers who would be happy to talk to you about the job that particular window washing company did and how they feel about it. Feel free to actually call these references. They may be able to give you details about working with the window washing company that you would not have been able to get otherwise. They can also give you a feel for what the company was like in practice, rather than in Theory.

You should also make sure that any window washing company you work with has the relevant licenses and insurance. Washing windows is not always the safest job. After all, people end up on ladders, attached to harnesses, and even working on scaffolding. You’ll want to make sure that your window washing company has experience with all of this, and that they have the relevant coverage so that you are not on the hook if someone gets injured on the job. They should be able to show you proof of there certifications and coverage.

Make sure, too, that your window washing company has experience on the type of job that you have. If there are many floors to your business, you will want to make sure that they know how to clean the windows from top to bottom. If you have floor to ceiling windows, tinted windows, or anything else that makes your job special or different, make sure that the window washing company knows this and that they are more than willing to send out people who have done jobs like yours previously.

You also want to make sure that your window washing company has all of the products necessary to get your windows clean without damaging them. These days, it often takes more than simple soap and water to actually get windows clean. In addition, newer windows are not always made out of glass. Many are made out of high-tech vinyl, and this can mean that they need to be cleaned differently than glass windows did. Any coatings that you have on your no might also mean that they need to be cleaned differently.

At Sonlight Window Cleaners we are window washing experts. No matter what your job is, we can get it done and it makes you happy! We would love to hear from you today, come out and look at your project, and give you a quote for getting the job done right.