There are five things to look for in a property manager.

There are five things to look for in a property manager.

Even though most Americans live in a community that’s governed and managed by an HOA, they don’t actually understand how these associations work. When they have an issue with their property or with a portion of the property in their community that the HOA oversees, they assume that the HOA themselves deals with the issue. This is only partly true. Although the HOA is notified of any such issues, the actual maintenance request or complaint typically goes to a third-party property manager who handles the issue. This third-party property manager is a professional company that manages a large number of properties for different HOAs. They have a number of contacts, and they know which company to call to resolve specific issues. If you live in an apartment building and you have a leaky roof, it’s generally not the HOA company that contacts the roofing company to come by and fix the leak. Instead, it’s this third-party manager.

HOAs use third-party property managers because they do a better job than the HOA themselves could. After all, they’re trained professionals whose sole professional existence it is to resolve issues with properties. Of course, not all of these property managers provide the same quality of service to their customers. If you’re in charge of an HOA and you’re looking for a property manager to oversee your community, look for one with these five things.

1. Responsive. Unfortunately, a lot of the property managers out there aren’t very responsive. It can take them an entire day or more to return a phone call or email, and even longer than that to contact a company to come and resolve the issues you’re having. Thus, the first thing to look for in a property manager is that they’re responsive. When a pipe bursts in an apartment complex and there’s water pouring into multiple units, you can’t wait a day for the property manager to call you back.

2. Well Connected. Second, they need to be well connected. This simply means that no matter the issue your community or apartment complex is having, they know exactly which company to call.

3. Professional. You also need to pick a property manager that’s professional. Companies like ACCU, Inc. handle every maintenance request or complaint that they receive from an HOA with the utmost responsiveness and professionalism. They understand that the issue their HOA customers are having is important, and they treat it as such. To learn more about this specific company, visit their website at

http://www.accuinc.com4. Financially Responsible. Fourth, you should pick a property manager that understands the importance of being transparent about costs. They should create a report for you each year that shows how much money your HOA is bringing in and how much you’re spending, giving you valuable insight into whether your HOA fees are too high, too low, or just about right.

5. Experienced. Finally, it’s always good to work with a property manager that knows what they’re doing and is competent at their job, and in most cases that just means that they have a significant amount of experience.