Question to Ask Your Dentist Before You Get Dental Implants

Question to Ask Your Dentist Before You Get Dental Implants

Whether you have lost one or more of your teeth due to old age, decay or an unfortunate accident, getting replacements for them would be at the top of your agenda. Dental Implants

While dentures can help those patients who have lost a majority of their teeth, dental implants are considered a more viable solutions when you have only lost a few of your teeth.

However, since dental implants are a permanent solution which leaves you with a tooth that is fixed into your mouth for the rest of your life, you need to make sure that you know what you are getting into before you take the decision of getting your dental implants.

Here are a few questions to ask your family dentistry before you get dental implants for yourself.

Should I Even Get Dental Implants?

While this is a very basic question, knowing whether you have any other options than dental implants would help you negate the possibility of looking into them. Most of the times, dental implants are considered for those teeth that have been lost due to any reason, but which can be more easily replaced as individual implants as compared to dentures.

With that being said, if you are about to lose a tooth to decay, then there would be times when you have other options at your disposal, such as the possibility of getting dental crowns or root canal. In these procedures, your family dentistry usually cleans out your existing tooth enamel or places composite material to make sure that your teeth are not going to be lost at all. However, in some cases, the teeth are so beyond repair that you have to get them extracted anyway, and get dental implants in their place.

Therefore, if you have not yet lost a tooth, then ask if dental implants would need to be considered at all or if other options could be put in place

How Much Will It Cost?

Dental implants are notorious for being more expensive than other dental care options such as dental veneers. However, it should be noted that unlike these procedures, dental implants are a permanent solution that helps you live a normal life without affecting your day to day activities.

Furthermore, the cost that is involved with dental implants may seem high, but it is justifiable due to the fact that after a few post-procedure visits to your family dentistry, you would not need to spend any additional funds in taking care of your dental implants. This coupled with the fact that they would stay with you for the rest of your life with regular dental care makes them a highly sought after solution.

Therefore, ensure to discuss the costs with your local dentist to take an informed decision about getting dental implants for yourself.


What Will the Procedure Involve?

The procedure to fix dental implants is pretty straightforward for most dentists. After a routine dental checkup, your dental impressions are taken by your family dentistry, which can then be processed for dental implants. That is, if you decide to get them and if your dentist deems them as a viable solution for you.

Afterwards, these implants are fixed into your gums without affecting any of their neighboring teeth. Depending upon the site, you may find it uncomfortable to accommodate your new dental implants, but that feeling usually goes away on its own once your brain familiarizes itself with the new addition to your dental structure.

Once the procedure is done and your dentist gives you a clean bill of dental health, you will only have to carry out regular dental hygiene practices to ensure the health and functionality of your dental implants.

Keeping these factors in mind, make sure to ask your local dentist these questions and get detailed answers for them in return, so that you could make an informed decision.