Moscow mule mugs are wildly popular.

Moscow mule mugs are wildly popular.

http://www.customcoppermugs.comEvery now and then, something becomes a fad and it’s hard to understand why. When the baby boomer generation looks back at pictures of themselves in parachute pants, that’s exactly what they’re wondering. Nevertheless, there are plenty of things that become popular and it’s rather easy to see why. The personal computer, for example, is definitely something that it’s easy to see why so many people have them. They make life much easier, they make work easier, and they’re so small these days that people can take them with them wherever they go. The same for smartphones and basically all the other consumer electronics out there these days. These devices are cool, and it’s easy to see why they’ve become so prevalent in American society.

A more interesting and unique example of something that’s become quite popular in recent years are Moscow mule mugs. A Moscow mule is a type of drink that incorporates vodka, ginger beer, and lime, and it’s one of the more popular drinks that people enjoy at bars these days. However, the thing that really makes the Moscow mule unique and helps to drive its popularity is that you don’t drink it out of a normal glass mug or glass. Instead, it’s served in a copper mug, and that copper mug is almost more well-known these days than the drink itself. Walk into any bar on a Friday night, and you’re bound to see at least a handful of people drinking their Moscow mule out of such a mug.

There are a few things that make these copper mugs so popular. For starters, they really are quite unique. There’s no other drink that gets served in them, so unless you’re drinking a Moscow mule, you’re not going to be holding a copper mug. There’s also something fun about the way the mug takes on  the temperature of the drink that’s inside. If you put a bunch of ice into your Moscow mule, then that mug is going to be quite cold. That’s because the copper is a great conductor, so it takes on the temperature of the thing that’s inside it. That might not sound like such a good thing, but if you’re thinking that, then you haven’t drunk out of one before.

Another thing that’s really cool about the copper mug is the way it looks and feels. When you’re used to holding a pint of beer or a glass of wine, there’s something fun and different about holding a copper mug. It’s just a completely unique drinking experience, and based on the popularity of these mugs around the country, it’s one that a huge number of people rather enjoy.

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