Looking into The Four Usual Concerns that People Have About Implants

  • Posted by: Emi
  • 2017-12-20

Looking into The Four Usual Concerns that People Have About Implants

As humans, we should make it a point to care for ourselves and make sure that we stay healthy and in tip top shape. One of the things that we should be particular about is our oral health. Good oral health means having healthy and strong teeth for eating and showing off in a beautiful smile. However, there are cases where a tooth can be lost due to complications or injury or has to be removed for health concerns. Fortunately, people with missing teeth can find a solution in dental implants. An implant is a metal screw which is surgically attached to someone’s jawbone which acts as the base for a new artificial tooth to be put on top.

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The popularity of dental implants has grown as many people are turning towards it to replace a missing tooth and even among tooth replacement methods which includes bridges and dentures, dental implants still are more preferred due to their quality and stability. Dental implants have a good reputation in the dental industry and its safety its top notch with dental professionals. However, people still can have some concerns about dental implants and today, we are going to look into four of the usual concerns that surround dental implants.

1.) Safety of the procedure – Getting a dental implant involves surgery and that can get anyone concerned about the safety of the procedure. It is good to know that dentists actually really consider dental implants to be a really safe procedure and as we have mentioned, implants have a good reputation in the industry so there is not much to worry about.

2.) Implant lifespan – Dental implants are made from strong titanium metal and when they are attached, they are screwed into the jawbone of the patient and start to fuse together over the span of a few months. This makes the dental implant very durable and stable compared to other tooth replacement methods. Generally, a dental implant should last a lifetime, but the artificial tooth not so much. Prolonging the lifespan of both will require proper care to maintain their quality.

3.) Duration of the procedure – One thing to take note about getting a dental implant is that they are quick to get. The surgical procedure of getting a dental implant attached into your jawbone takes around an hour. However, the entire procedure itself can last a lot longer. After the implant has been successfully attached, the patient must make a period of a few months to let the area heal and allow the dental implant to properly set with the bone making it stable before the dentist can attach the artificial tooth on top of the implant.

4.) Pain of the procedure – It is easy for one to think that getting a dental implant can be painful when the process involves going through some surgery. However, the surgery itself can be painless as patients are given anesthesia or choose to be sedated. After surgery however is when it can get uncomfortable where the area can swell and feel painful but nothing that medications can’t help.