It’s not surprising that labradoodle puppies are so popular.

It’s not surprising that labradoodle puppies are so popular.

http://www.highlandsaustralianlabradoodles.comWe’ve learned over time that dog breeds go in and out of favor with the public. Certain breeds tend to be more popular for a few years, and then another breed will overtake them. Similarly, certain breeds are more popular with the elderly, others are more popular with families who have young children, and still other breeds are more popular with single adults or married couples who don’t have children. This is because dog breeds differ greatly. Some breeds are great with children and other dogs, while other breeds are more aggressive but are smaller, which makes them easier for people living in apartments or for the elderly to care for. The type of breed you end up choosing has as much to do with your stage of life as it does with which breeds you actually like best.

Of course, labradoodle puppies are popular with everyone. The elderly love them because they’re easy to care for since they don’t shed, have a modest level of energy, and are easy to accommodate. Children love them because they’re super fluffy, fun to play with, and have great personalities. They’re really one of the easiest going dogs there is. Finally, adults love them because of how great they look, their easygoing personality, and the fact that they’re easy to clean up after because they either don’t shed at all or very little.

For about the past decade, Australian Cobberdog puppies (another name for labradoodles) have been one of the most popular breeds across the United States, for all of the reasons that were just listed above. They’ve been specifically bred to be hypoallergenic. That’s just a fancy word that means they don’t shed, or they shed relatively little. This not only makes it easy to clean up after them and means you don’t have to worry about having dog hair all over everything in your home, but it also means that if you have a slight allergy to dogs, it’s quite possible you can still own one. Of course, you’ll want to consult with your physician first, but odds are they’ll tell you that it’s fine.

On top of this, the personality of labradoodles is second to none. They’re incredibly friendly dogs, and they always seem to be in a good mood. This makes them great for people of all ages and other dogs. You won’t have to worry about them around your children or around strangers, and if you have other dogs you needn’t worry that they’re going to act aggressively towards your other animals. Spend five minutes with a labradoodle, and you’ll instantly see why they’re one of the most popular dog breeds in the country.

If all of this talk about labradoodles has you wanting one, then your next step needs to be finding a great labradoodle breeder. Given their incredible popularity, this shouldn’t be too hard, but if you need a nudge in the right direction, Highlands Australian Cobberdogs is one of the first breeders you should schedule an appointment with.