How to get semi permanent eyebrow tinting

  • Posted by: Shauna
  • 2018-03-25

How to get semi permanent eyebrow tinting

Having perfectly sculpted eyebrows is without a doubt the biggest trend of the year. Everyone is busting out the tweezers, the eyebrow pencils but that’s not just it. We have moved past the old and rather predictable tools of eyebrow sculpting of the past and now we have even better tools at our disposal to not only make the process of eyebrow sculpting even better but also much longer lasting and more natural looking.

Eyebrow pencils might have been a good idea for a while but the pencil still smudges, rubs off and at a certain point, penciled in eyebrows tend to not look particularly real. There is always that look of the color being put over the hair that sure makes it look more colored in but for some women, the unnatural look can throw them off of the idea.

This issue, along with a few other notable problems with eyebrow pencils have pushed the development and popularization of a new technique, eyebrow microblading. This process has been around for a while now so there is a good chance that you have heard about it before either in your favorite salon or maybe in your favorite beauty magazine. The world has really fallen in love with eyebrow microblading to the point where it’s not just salons performing the process but there are even specialty eyebrow shops opening up around such as Tiger Eyebrows in Colorado. People are all about the eyebrows right now and it shows for sure.

So just in case you have not yet heard about eyebrow microblading or semi permanent eyebrow tinting, let me explain. The whole process is in many ways similar to a cosmetic tattoo but don’t worry, you don’t have to turn around just yet if you are the kind of girl who says hell no to the idea of being stabbed repeatedly by a little needle. Like cosmetic tattoos, eyebrow microblading deposits small bits of ink slightly below the skin but it doesn’t go anywhere neat as deep as tattoos. This is part of the reason that it is only semi-permanent makeup. Part of what makes tattoos so painful is that they go quite deep with the ink so it does not fade out so easily. With semi permanent eyebrow tinting, the color usually lasts a year or two with their recommended two application sessions so you can see there is quite a difference in how deep they go. Also, if you go to a good eyebrow microblading place like Tiger Eyebrows, they will also have one of a few different kinds of local numbing agent that they will apply to your eyebrows so all in all, you shouldn’t feel much at all during the process. If you go to a place and they don’t provide you with any kind of numbing agent, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t freak out about a little bit of pain you will probably be ok but if you don’t think that is something you would be interested in doing, you can always go to a place like Tiger Eyebrows and they will set you up with everything that they can in order to make you comfortable.