Here’s what working with a great roofing company looks like.

Here’s what working with a great roofing company looks like.

http://www.jkroofing.comA lot of homeowners never get the opportunity to work with a great roofing company, and that’s primarily because they don’t know what one looks like. Let’s face it, most homeowners will only have to hire a roofing company once a decade, so they don’t get many opportunities to work with them. Thus, they never become experts in the industry, and instead simply choose a new contractor each time they need to get work done. Some homeowners get lucky and end up working with a great contractor every single time, but some people aren’t so fortunate.

So what does working with a great roofing company look like? It starts with the very first interaction. When someone is looking to potentially hire a roofing company, they’ll reach out to them either online or over the phone. A great roofing company understands that this is their chance to make a great first impression, so they’re attentive, responsive, and direct. They answer any questions the homeowner might have, they immediately set up a time to come by and check out the roof, and they make sure the customer feels comfortable.

After the initial phone call is over, the company immediately starts working on the customer file. They input any necessary information into the file so that the person who goes to the house has the information that they need, and then they make sure that their representative shows up on time for that first meeting. From there the representative will act professionally by looking the potential customer in the eye, getting up on the roof to survey the situation, and then clearly explaining the status of the roof to the customer. They’ll go over any issues that they saw, what repairs they think are necessary (if replacement is the best option, they’ll inform them of that here as well), and then they’ll provide the customer with an estimate of the cost. This estimate will have a clear breakdown of why it says what it is, from the hours it will take to do the job to the materials that will be needed. Everything will be clear so the customer understands what’s going on and what the process will be should they hire the company.

If the customer decides to hire the company, the company will set up the dates for the work to be done. When the first day rolls around, they’ll knock on the customer’s door, go over the estimate again, and then start in on the work. They’ll ensure that they show up on time every single day, that they’re doing quality work and using quality materials, and that they’re able to complete the job as quickly as possible so that the homeowner can move on with their life.

This is exactly what it looks like when you work with a superb roofing company like J & K Roofing. They’re professional throughout the entire process, responsive to the needs and demands of their customers, and thorough with the work itself. To see for yourself why they’re one of the premier roofing contractors in the Denver area, head to their website at