Getting Started on Your Water Park Restoration

Getting Started on Your Water Park Restoration

water slide restorationDo you own or operate a water park that needs some restoration work? It can be difficult to find experts in the field who you can trust to repair your water slides, rebuild anything that’s broken, and make sure that your park is safe and fun again. Whether your park is just older and in need of some updating, or hasn’t been used in a while and needs to be entirely restored, here’s everything you know to get that process started.

Think About the Work that Needs to be Done

Trust is important when it comes to water parks. People will not come to your park if they don’t think that the slides are in good shape, that they will have fun, and that they will stay safe. You’ll need to think about all of these aspects of your park before you open it for business.

First, think about the structural integrity of your slides and other features. Are they falling down? Falling apart? You will want to repair the external structure of all of these things before you take on any other projects. At SlideRite, we know how to help you make your park safer. We know what structural integrity looks like for water slides, and we know how to achieve it when it’s been lost.

Next, you want to think about the internal and external surfaces of your slides. The internal surfaces are probably the most important when it comes to guest comfort and safety. After all, you don’t want your guests to be pinched between seems, or to get rub burns from fiber bloom (where the fiberglass has peeked out from the protective gel coat). You will want to make sure that the inside surfaces of your slides are safe and comfortable, or your guests will not come back.

The external surfaces of your slides are important too. For one thing, they contribute to structural integrity and to keeping the water for the slide inside the water slide. However, part of the motivation behind repairing the external surfaces of your slides is to keep your park looking good. If there are chunks missing from the slides, gouges in the side, or even superficial cracks in the paint, people may not feel as good about coming to your park. Since you want them to return over and over and over again, it’s important to make sure that your slides are visually appealing.
We can do all of this work and more. We have years of experience in the water park restoration and water slide restoration business. Just because you haven’t done it before does not mean that we haven’t! We will take all of the stress and strain out of repairing your water slides. We will help make your park safe again, so guests want to come back and want to bring their families and friends too! We will help you make your water park a target destination for families again! Who knows? Next year, people might come visit just to take a slide at your park.