From Cribs to Window Shades – Top 5 Tips on Decorating Your Dream Nursery

From Cribs to Window Shades – Top 5 Tips on Decorating Your Dream Nursery

Regardless of how many literary works are produced to emulate the experience, welcoming a little bundle of joy to this world is a feeling that cannot properly be described in words.window blinds


Thus, it is only fitting that when your little one comes into this world, they do so in a special manner. After all, they deserve the best that you can provide. From getting their clothes to decorating their new living space, everything has to be as joyful as how your child makes you feel even before setting foot in this universe.

But planning for a baby’s arrival is not an easy task, especially since it comes with a deadline. You have to know exactly what you are doing so you could have everything planned in time for the stork’s visit while also not paying a fortune to the vendors you deal with.

We thought to help you where we could and provided the following 5 tips which would help you decorate your nursery in an efficient, timely, and budget-friendly manner.

1. Choose a Color Palette

This is perhaps the most simple yet most effective tip to start from. Gone are the days when pink was for girls and blue was exclusive to boys. In today’s world, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing color palettes for either of the genders. Therefore, ensure to take your time and choose 2-3 base colors for the nursery that could be emulated in other aspects such as the crib, changing table, wallpaper and window shades.

2. Select a Style Profile for the Furniture

Along with the color palette, the other aspect that would heavily influence the room’s outlook is the style of furniture that you put in it. For instance, if you decide on getting an oak crib, then the rest of your furniture should not be white or based on a metal structure to avoid a decoration faux pas. Choosing a streamlined design from your furniture to your window shutters or window blinds would be the key to tying the room’s design together.

3. Do Not Go Overboard on Toys

Since the nursery will be your baby’s very first home, they and you will need time to adjust to the new surroundings. You will need to pay attention to their calls for help whenever they need feeding or changing, and if you have toys or clutter lying around especially at night time, then stepping on a few things before you get to your baby won’t help either of you (especially if you step on Lego bricks). Thus, make sure to avoid this mistake and have a clean space in the nursery without too many toys, and only stock up once your child can actually play with them.

4. Invest in Some Storage Solutions

Running from your closet to the nursery each time your baby wants a change of diaper is not only exhausting, but it is redundant and can be easily avoided. Make sure to invest in some storage space within the nursery. If a closet is not available, then look into temporary storage solutions. You would be able to find great options both in wood and in biodegradable plastic that would be safe for your baby while being convenient for you.

5. Make Sure to Look Into Window Shades, Curtains or Other Draperies

While getting a proper wallpaper and carpet won’t be missed by any parent, window treatments can often get neglected by even the most responsible ones. This could be a big oversight, since properly placed window shades won’t only provide the room with a great look but could also let your baby rest during morning light. Therefore, if you are looking to decorate your baby’s nursery, make sure to invest in window treatments by reaching out to vendors such as Blinds ‘N’ Shades.