Design Tips for Large Format Printing

Design Tips for Large Format Printing

The reason that you would decide to go for large format printing in most cases is that you wish to reach a large number of people. Keeping this is mind, you would like your printout whether it is a banner, a fabric exhibit, billboard or poster to stand out from the rest and not in a negative way. So here are some designing tips that will help you create a stunning and impressive exhibit.

  1. If you want perfect color use Pantone

Pantone colors help you to match your large scale printout graphics with other graphics maybe your logo. When you use them, they create a cohesion when you print your graphics. CMYK can help you achieve this because when used, it creates more accurate depiction of color for your printout than the RGB color model.

  1. Vector images rather than bitmaps

Vector images and graphics are made up of paths rather than pixels. This is very important because it means that no matter how large you scale your image, it will not lose its sharpness unlike bit-mapped images which will have a blocky look if you extremely enlarge them. Another advantage of vector images is that they are smaller in size than the equivalent bitmap images. This saves you time when downloading or uploading the images.

  1. Be careful when you are choosing fonts.

The large scale works are designed to be read from a distance. This means you not only need to choose a font for its style but for readability.  Some of the font style pose challenges in readership and are there for beauty. Before printing your graphics, try the readability of it by backing away from the computer and reading it from a distance or find someone who is unfamiliar with what you have written and tell them to read it to you.

  1. Print out test copies.

Large format printing is very expensive. To avoid going extra costs and losses, print down a small scaled down version of the final product and make sure that everything is alright. The print out of the test version should be perfectly scaled to match the larger version to have the correct image. This helps you to make the necessary adjustments or changes because you will want to have a one shot cost at printing the large scale printout.

  1. Choose a color in cohesion with text.

As with fonts and styles, viewing from distance is also a factor to consider when doing a large print out. When picking a background color or theme, do so making sure they contrast perfectly with the graphic elements to make sure the your audience can be able to read from distance with ease. Here is where you should always make sure your color setting on your machine is always in the CMYK as opposed to RGB mode.

With the above simple tips, you will be able to create an outstanding banner or billboard or any other form of printout that will uphold its purpose to your audience.