Clear Product Packaging – Why is It So Beneficial?

Clear Product Packaging – Why is It So Beneficial?

From entertainment device manufacturers to toy factories, some of the largest companies in the world choose clear product packaging to show off their offerings to the world.clear packaging

It is not only an act of corporate preening, but actually works as a very effective marketing tool to initiate the sale of said products the moment that a customer lands their gaze on them.

This makes clear packaging a stellar choice for those companies that offer products which can easily sit behind sturdy plastic without the worry of being damaged during shipping and handling.

If you have such products, then clear product packaging could be the perfect choice for you.

The Types of Clear Product Packaging

Once you have decided that clear packaging is the way to go for you, the next step will be to decide between what kind of packaging you should actually get for your products.

For your reference, we have mentioned some of the most popular and widely used clear packaging types below. The details also include what to expect with each choice and how it could influence the overall look of your final packaging.

  1. Clamshells

Clamshells are enclosed and conjoined shell-like cases of clear plastic. They come with a cavity from the inside that acts like a compartment to anyone who is looking at the packaging from a shelf. The cavity can hold your products and can be tailor made to fit them via custom packaging services.

Clamshells get their name due to how they close like a shell at the top with a seamless manner. This packaging can then be sealed very easily and is either reusable or cut through scissors.

Since clamshells are made of clear packaging, you also need card inserts to make them look less bare and instead carry your branding within them. These card inserts can be printed via a custom packaging provider easily.


  1. Side Blisters

Side blisters are another popular choice. Built along the same structure as clamshells but only containing the “cavity” side, this plastic packaging is often used by those who want to be minimalistic with their usage of plastic.

This clear packaging is enclosed by an especially printed backer card, which slides onto the back of the packaging, providing a backdrop for your product at the same time.

  1. Plastic Cartons

Plastic cartons are yet another option to show off your products in a clear packaging.

Self-explanatory in their built and function, this clear packaging option provides a great way to showcase your products on retail shelves. However, just like clamshells, you may need card inserts for branding purposes.


  1. Plastic Canisters

Plastic canisters have become very popular for containing headphones and other small devices. The cylindrical shape adds a level of aesthetics to the overall packaging while showcasing the product from 360 degree.

These canisters would also require you to have some sort of paper branding associated with them, so do not forget to look into those retail packaging design requirements.


This should leave you with a good idea of packaging in different forms. Dunwiddie Packaging makes certain to provide the best experience overall when dispensing products to customers. Find out how they can help you with your needs.