A Checklist to Help You Find the Right Event Venue

  • Posted by: Emi
  • 2019-04-11

A Checklist to Help You Find the Right Event Venue

Planning for an event can be a fun and challenging endeavor; you have to make sure that everything needing for the day is set so that things will go with little to no problems when the event is on-going. When you are going through all the necessities for the event, one very important thing that you should never forget is the event venue. The venue that you choose to host your event in has a very big impact on the overall event, it sets the mood for the event so you will want to make sure that you are booking the right event venue to host your event in. To help you narrow down and find the right event venue, here is a checklist that you can use on what to look for.

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  • Pricing – The biggest thing that you will have to look into is how much it would cost for you to book that particular event venue. When presented with the price, try to find a way to be able to negotiate and bring it down. Take note also that you should also look into what you are getting for what you are paying instead of just the price in its face value. When signing the contract, review everything.
  • Location – When you consider the experience of your guests, the location is a very important thing to look into. You will want to book an event venue that is in a convenient enough location and easy to get to. Look into the transport links and also hotels where your guests can stay at if they are going to be coming from out of time to your event.
  • Size – While looking into different event venues, you also have to consider the number of guests that are going to be at your event. The event venue that you book should have enough capacity to hold the number of guests that will be attending or else your event would only feel cramped and uncomfortable for your guests. By having the right venue capacity for your guests, your event would feel more lively.
  • Aesthetic – The event that you are going to be hosting will have a particular theme or style to it and you may also want to go for an event venue that would tie in well to this particular theme. Choosing an event venue that fits the style of the event you are hosting can save you some costs particularly in decorating the place.
  • Catering – You will want to serve food in the event that you are hosting so when checking out event venues, make sure you look into their catering service or if they are connected with any caterers. The food that is being served during your event can make or break the entire experience.
  • Layout – Look into how the event venue is designed. Think about what your event needs in order for it to be held in a particular space. Does the venue have the space for a stage? Does it have a reception area?